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Returns Policy

Seven-day exchange policy You can apply for a replacement within seven working days from the receipt of the product, and you can only change it once.
(The seven-day period refers to the second day from the day you receive the product as the first day. If you want to return the product, you must send it/visit our Kowloon Bay Office within the seventh day, otherwise we will not be able to process you Application, all dates are subject to express delivery records.)

The following are the treatment methods for common situations

  • Product dissatisfaction
Sorry, we do not accept refunds due to unsatisfactory products
  •  Wrong delivery

Please contact us as soon as possible, and provide detailed photos. We will make arrangements as soon as possible after confirmation. Guests can choose to exchange the items at the Kowloon Bay Office in person, or through SF Express, and we will also bear the intermediate postage.

  • Delivery is too slow

We will find the delivery time and arrange a refund

Our guaranteed delivery time is delivered to you within 2-6 days after the shipment tracking number is issued

1) If the goods are delivered within the time limit, no return will be made

2) If the goods are not delivered within the time limit, and the responsibility lies with SF Express (such as the smart cabinet or convenience store is full and cannot be placed), we can arrange to transfer to other pick-up points or deliver to your door instead, but cannot return or exchange

3) If the goods are not delivered within the time limit, and the responsibility lies with us, we can arrange full refund processing

Please note that delivery is defined as the time when the goods are delivered or when they arrive at the smart cabinet. We do not accept that the delivery of the goods that the recipient is not/not on time to pick up at the pick-up point is delayed because the delivery is too slow

Product damage

We will contact you and ask you to provide details of the damage to the goods. If it is determined that the product is damaged before delivery, you can choose to replace the brand-new product or get a full refund

Product packaging damaged

Due to a certain degree of packaging damage during shipping, if the shoe box is pressed to deformation, if it does not affect the use of the goods, we will not make a return or exchange.

Received goods and online description does not matter

Please contact us as soon as possible and ask you to provide which one does not matter. If it is true, we will confirm and return it as soon as possible


STYLEWAVER will check the product within 3 to 7 working days after receiving the returned product and the required information, and confirm with you through IG/WHATSAPP/EMAIL. The refund method may be processed through our company's payment system or directly deposited into your bank account (depending on your payment method).

STYLEWAVER will not accept returned goods if:

The goods are still unclaimed four to five days after delivery; or
The product has traces of used or worn marks; or
The product is not in its original packaging paper, box, shoe box or bag; or
The product is missing some parts; or
The product is missing some accessories; or
The product was not purchased through STYLEWAVER; or
The products have been used, modified, damaged or stained by customers.
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